Be a Move8 Advocate

Sharing is Caring

Move8 Advocates like you help share the Move8 Fitness Movement message to as many people in Asia-Pacific as we possibly can! And if you translate this to your own language, hashtag #MOVE8 and let us know!
Much 💓 Terima Kasih

Be a Digital Warrior


Right click to save & download these social media visuals. We use royalty-free images and designed it in CANVA.

Or create your own and adopt #Move8 as your school, university or company social purpose!

Write an article

Write an article about the Move8 Fitness Movement! Send us a copy! We’ll post it up on our blog.

Get some Sticker Swags

Print these fun A5-sized vinyl stickers as giveaways! Pass it around at your workplace or among friends, stick it on your laptop or your car!
Download to self-print or Order Now.
  • Malaysia / Singapore: Pack of 10 stickers cost MYR30 inclusive free delivery.
  • Australia: Pack of 10 stickers cost A$25 inclusive free delivery.
  • Specifications: A5 148 × 210 mm or 5.83 × 8.27 inches

Wear a Move8 T-shirt

Tee with a Purpose

Invite your friends to join the Move8 Community

Media opportunities for Move8

Share our story. Interviews or speaking engagements can be arranged with our co-founders who’ll speak about how the Move8 Fitness Movement started… in fact, it was when they themselves started caring for someone in need and found that they too had to be fit first. Then using their own fitness, to help someone else. Email: to book a date.

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