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Access movement buddies or fitness professionals so you can move anywhere, anyhow with a pay - it - forward twist.

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Heal the world through wellness education and action.
Be the change and halve NCDs diseases like hypertension, strokes, diabetes, Alzeheimer’s by 2030 in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals #3 on well-being and now, more so than ever with prevailing pandemic diseases like the Coronavirus. But NCDs are the silent pandemic stealthily taking 2/3rd of lives globally...

Move8 has no affiliation to WHO.

Move8 has no affiliation to WHO.

Fit for Good

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Move8 Fitness Podcast launches!

Fitness advocacy platform by Asia Fitness Today News Network has launched a podcast series, Move8 Fitness Podcast to bring together the voices of health & fitness professionals. Move8 is a fitness movement that advocates wellness education and action, making fitness accessible to all layers of society. The movement was founded by founders of health […]

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Is there a bigger pandemic looming?

While the world is still feeling the effect of COVID-19, there has been a bigger pandemic that has been around for a longer time. Asia Fitness Today talks about NCDs and how they are affecting more than 71% of the population and causing more deaths than COVID-19. Read more…

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