KURANG MANIS is a 60-minute documentary film that explores the lives of 6 ordinary Malaysians who bare all about their hopes and dreams about the New Malaysia and what it means to be among one in two Malaysians who are obese. Through film, we introduce the most obese population in Southeast Asia to the world and expose why Malaysians are obsessed with their food, why they do what they do and New Malaysia!

Kurang Manis was selected as the 2nd Prize Winner at the Motion Picture Association International Script to Screen Workshop Malaysia 2019 co-organised by Finas and Wildsnapper TV.

Release date: sometime in 2020

Executive Producers: Jules Rahman Ong & Nikki Yeo
Writer/Producer/Director: Jasmine Low
A production by EQn Activation & The Reel Media
Marketed by GoInternationalGroup.com
Initiated by AsiaFitnessToday.com

We’re crowdfunding this! Support the film by purchasing any product from the Move8.org store. Together, we can improve the lives of millions of Malaysians one step at a time.

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