How it works

30 minutes every day.

Research shows a brisk 30-minute walk every day helps to reduce and control the high blood pressure that causes strokes, reducing the risk by up to 27 percent.

Try three 10-minutes of intense* walk as though youโ€™re catching a bus for better results!

How do I become FIT-aware?

Step 1: Download any fitness tracker

We like

Step 2: Track your health & fitness

Log these:

Weight + Height + BMI~ + BP^ + BSL**

~Body Mass Index (read more)
^Log your Blood Pressure using Google Fit or visit
*Blood Sugar Level monitoring, check

Track your movement:

Walk + Run + Cycle + Hike

Or, Any Way You Move

*always check in with your physician before starting any activity, especially if you have a medical condition or using medication. If you need assistance, drop us an email.


Step 3: Organise your own #Move8 meetup

Organise your own meetup or join an existing community!

Tip: Every Friday at 6pm, get a group of work colleagues, friends or family together to move, walk, run, hike or cycle for 45-minutes. You can even walk around a mall. Post and share your photos and don’t forget to hashtag!

#move8 #funfitfriday

Download #Move8 visuals for your own promotional purposes.

Step 4: Let’s move it

Find a way to get moving in a safe and fun environment! Here are some tutorials and videos to help you get on your way!

Move8 Dance Video Tutorial

Move8 Video Tutorial from on Vimeo.

Move8 Video Playlist

Step 5: Get yr workplace involved.

Get your HR department onboard.
Become a Move8 Corporate Partner.

Here’s how:

Organise weekly activities at the workplace and get your colleagues moving with you. Adopt Fun Fit Friday every Friday at 6pm for 30-minutes of intense movement! Hire a coach to help get your group moving safely. Or, pledge to move every 1st Sunday of the month. Meetings could take a different spin when it’s done as a group hike. Learn more…

Step by step, we can change.
One city at a time.
Starting with ourselves.

Be the change you wish to see in your community.

When you Move it, share it.

Hashtag #Move8