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If you know of someone we should partner with, tell them about us and share this website, with them. Teamwork can help us achieve our goal in getting 10 million people in the Asia-Pacific region more FIT-aware towards living healthier lives by 2020.

How to collaborate?

  1. Sign-up as a #Move8 Brand Partners contribute to the success of the fitness movement.
  2. Join a #Move8 Fitness Activation Event – fundraisers that help raise awareness and funds for non-profit charity partners. We pledge 10% out of every event in support of a good cause.
  3. Sponsor a #Move8 PRO programs helps to advance professional sports athletes, and a great way for your brand to be profiled in supporting excellence in sports.

To sign up, click here to view the Partnership Agreement, or email our Sponsorship Team for assistance.

We offer partners many ways to work with us as we believe in sustainable partnerships that encourage and promote fitness, sports and wellness as a culture. Bring Move8 to your country, state, company or organisation.

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  • Event Rights
  • TV Rights
  • Sponsorship
  • Advertising
  • PR
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