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Move8 Fitness Podcast launches!

Fitness advocacy platform by Asia Fitness Today News Network has launched a podcast series, Move8 Fitness Podcast to bring together the voices of health & fitness professionals.

Move8 is a fitness movement that advocates wellness education and action, making fitness accessible to all layers of society. The movement was founded by founders of health & wellness media website Asia Fitness Today and podcast co-hosts Nikki Yeo & Jasmine Low as a way to get more people moving, head outdoors to enjoy nature and living their best lives. The duo scour the Asia Pacific region in search of everyday heroes who use their own fitness for good and find out what’s their secret to happiness.

Highlight #1: Any kind of movement helps – Sally Sukkar
Highlight #2: Achieving my bodybuilding goals by Sally Sukkar

Season 1 of the Move8 Fitness Podcast has opened with the first episode featuring health advocate Sally Sukkar from the ME Movement ( Based out of Sydney, Australia, Sally helps people look and feel great in movement, mindset and health.

Here’s a list of her credentials:

  • Bachelor Of Exercise and Sport Science (Majoring in health promotion)
  • Sports Nutrition Certificate
  • 4x bodybuilding competitor
  • Kettlebell, TRX, SPIN, Powerlifting, Olympic lifting qualifications (psst just to name a few)
  • Rolling out a foundations of movement course
  • Sally also loves her food and family
  • Sally sings! No really, she does! Listen until the end of the podcast.

The podcast series aims to create a snowball of activity, exercise and action to get people back into shape and healthy post-pandemic.

Sally and Move8 Fitness have come together to offer a 30-day exercise program, delivered virtually for your convenience. Click on the button below to learn more!

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