Move AID

How does it work?

Health and fitness are basic human rights and should be available across all layers of society. Move AID is a sharing economy platform that makes sports & fitness accessible to ALL.

Who are Move8 Warriors?

Move AID is supported by Move8 Warriors, who are volunteers that sign up to be “FIT for GOOD”. Want to be a volunteer? Join here.

Who does Move AID benefit?

Move AID supports anyone who NEEDS community support to live their best lives. We focus on supporting three main groups of beneficiaries; the elderly, women and persons with disabilities.

Book Move AID Assist

Cities we operate: Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney

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Bookings are charged at A$66 or RM66 per 45-minute blocks and your contribution funds our operations, volunteer meals and third-party costs where applicable.

Operated by volunteers, Move8 Warriors help with anything! Exercise, transportation, day trips, pickup food or groceries, medicines or essential items and deliver it to your homes or place of work with zero contact! We also assist with PC/technology.

Move AID serves the elderly, women and any underprivileged communities at no charge.

Know someone who may need assistance?

  • We’re a profit-for-purpose social enterprise aspiring towards B-Corp status.
  • How are we funded? Advertising and Subscriptions, events, movement sessions, t-shirts, merchandise & programs go towards funding all programs and activities run by Move8 MoveAID including the development and hosting of this website.
  • MoveAID – a community service that provides movement sessions and food/grocery delivery assistance for those in need for FREE. Recipients of MoveAID include senior citizens in retirement homes or in convalescence care and nominees approved by our Advisory Panel.

All payments are administered by Go International Group Dotcom Sdn. Bhd. in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Go International Group Dotcom Pty. Ltd. in Sydney, Australia.

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