100-Day Fitness Challenge (Level 1)


What is it? You could buy this as a gift for your group of friends, or for your work colleagues.

How many people in one class? We require a minimum of 30 pax to activate the training session, so this works best with group bookings. But if you’re buying this for yourself, and prefer one-on-one instruction, we can do it too! Just let us know by emailing us here.

Location of training? One pre-determined location closest to you, and we also connect with you online/sms/whatsapp.

Will I see weight loss in 100-days? Well, frankly no. We don’t promise you unrealistic results in 100-days but you will be assured that this is the first step towards living a healthier and stronger life! It’s the first step to making positive changes to stubborn habits. We start by shifting mental blocks and getting you on that same plane of thought – towards living your best and fittest life.

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100-Day Fitness Challenge (Level 1)

**Perfect Gift to Build Team Morale!
Change takes effect when we shift our paradigm. Take charge and witness Body Mindset Transformation in 100 days!

Weigh-in & Analytics.

Have your own Certified Personal Trainer.

Virtual Exercise Coaching (10 x 45-mins sessions delivered once a week).

Weekly Motivational Fitness Group Chats (10 x 15-mins sessions delivered once a week).

You’ll be training in an online group setting, to a maximum of 30-pax.

All training takes place within a 100-day period (14-weeks).

Total Cost: A$999. Your investment is for the entire 14-week program.

For details, email us at info@asiafitnesstoday.com

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