[01.12.19] 100-Day Fitness Boot Camp


What is it? You could buy this as a gift for yourself, or a perfect gift for your workplace colleagues or for your loved ones.

How many people in one class? We require a minimum of 30 pax to activate the training session, so this works best with group bookings. But if you’re buying this for yourself, and prefer one-on-one instruction, we can do it too! Just let us know by emailing us here.

Location of training? One pre-determined location closest to you, and we also connect with you online/sms/whatsapp.

Will I see weight loss in 100-days? Well, frankly no. If we were to promise you results like that in 100-days, we’d be lying and we don’t do that. Instead, you will be assured that this is the first step towards living a healthier and stronger life! Let’s start with this, and as we go, you’ll know what we mean. It all starts by moving you mentally, and getting you on that same plane of thought.

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100-Day Mindset Change Challenge

**Perfect Gift!

Fitness Boot Camp
Body Mindset Transformation in 100 days!

  • Weigh-in & Analytics
  • Group Exercise Coaching (18 sessions)
  • Weekly Motivational sessions
  • Have your own Certified Personal Trainer
  • Special Activities and Events (3-activities)
  • You’ll be training in a group setting
  • All training must be utilised within a 100-day period (12-weeks)
  • Total Cost: Your investment of RM450 per person is for the entire 12-week program
  • For details, email us at info@asiafitnesstoday.com